G3 - The "smart" bowl!
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While similar in form to conventional water/contaminant concentration bowls, the true potential of G3 lies underneath its shell!

Through a sophisticated, built-in electronic circuit and sensors, diagnosis of water contamination in fuel becomes nothing more than child’s play!

Pre-assembled and ready-to-fit, it is specifically designed to work in synergy with fuel filters and is an ideal choice for users who wish to take their existing fuel filtration installations to a whole different level of protection.
WWS G3G3 takes after the form of standard water/contaminant concentration bowls, commonly found equipped on marine fuel filters. It is however much more than a simple water trap or fuel water separator. Its innovation lies in the built-in electronic detection circuit, which in conjunction with its beeper provide the user with an audio alarm. G3 adds value to your equipment by providing fast and accurate water detection and warning for both diesel and gasoline engines.

G3 system is comprised of a concentration bowl with built-in electronic detection circuit and sensors, a specialized cable strand with connectors on ends to achieve powering of the unit, and a beeper. It comes along with both a water drain valve (for outboard applications) as well as a drain plug (for inboard applications).

Detection of water is accomplished through the same diagnostic procedure that takes place in every Water Warning System model, difference being that G3 needs to be attached to a fuel filter in order to function as intended. In a sense, the attached fuel filter acts as the fuel container for G3. When water is present in the fuel filter, it is progressively gathered at the bottom of the bowl. When it reaches the system's sensors (at approx 50% concentration) an audible, continuous sound is emitted, notifying the user of its existence in fuel. All the user has to do at that point is turn his engine off for a matter of minutes, drain the trapped water, and continue cruising with no further problems. It is as simple as it sounds!

Supply voltage12 or 24 V DC
Active power consumption20-30 mA
Standby power consumption3-4 mA
Operating temperature range(-20) - (+75) °C
Height7.9 cm
Diameter9.3 cm
System weight375 g
Box weight875 g
Concentration bowl capacity120 ml
Wiring length4.3/14 m/ft
  1. G3 main unit (Concentration bowl with built-in electronic circuit and sensors)
  2. Connecting cable 4.30 m (14 ft)
  3. Beeper
  4. Drain Plug
  5. Water drain valve
  6. Manual (incl. warranty coupon)

*The box does not contain the filter and the filter housing. If you are interested in these parts, have a look in our spare parts catalogue.