Did you know that over 70% of engine malfunctions and breakdowns relate to water?
" Your engine will misfire, perform badly, and if unnoticed and ignored will stop completely! "

Among the most common problems of water in fuel are:

  • Soaked filters
  • Cease of engine operation
  • Breakdown of the distribution pumps
  • Breakdown of the piston rods
  • Breakdown of the crankshaft
  • Breakdown of the cylinder heads and engine
Water Warning System (WWS) is a series of products designed to protect your engine from getting water!

WWS concentrates the water in its trap and provides an audio warning so you know when something is wrong. All our products can be emptied "on the spot" with no technical knowledge, allowing you to continue your journey.

  • Audio Alarm
  • 200ml container
  • Replaces your filter
  • Audio Alarm
  • 400ml container
  • Replaces your filter
  • 100 micron pro-filter
  • Audio Alarm
  • 150ml container
  • Plugs on your filter

Take a look at the following video and see what WWS can do for YOU!