S2-400 - The "top tier" solution!
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Covering a wider range of applications, S2-400 makes up for the most complete solution to water infestation in higher horsepower engines!

Suitable for both gasoline and diesel applications, and featuring a 100 micron pro-filter, S2-400 provides your boat with all the necessary functions in tackling the water/ dirt infestation issues generated in fuel. And you get just that, without adding more stress to your fuel line and rest of components.
WWS S2-400The market is overwhelmed with water separators and filters offering a relative amount of protection against water. These units however can prove confusing due to their need of regular maintenance and/or replacement. Let your mind be at ease with an S2-400.

The Water Warning System, model S2-400, is comprised of the main unit - a water-trap with a built-in electronic circuit, sensors for detecting the presence of water, a double-signal (red and green) LED located on the upper part of the unit, as well as fuel inlet and outlet fittings. Featuring two valves, one for quick and easy extraction of the trapped water and the other for ventilation, speeding up the process of water removal when it is detected. The rest of the hardware (wiring, beeper and two metal clamps) can be found right out-of-the-box.

Furthermore, you can make the most out of your engine’s performance with the built-in, reusable 100 micron pro-filter, which provides with the best filtration add-on to comply with higher filtration demands.

The System is activated when about 20% of water concentration is detected in the System’s water-trap, where water is slowly gathered at the bottom part. Automatically, the beeper sounds and the LED changes from “green” to “red”. All the user has to do is turn his engine off for a few minutes, extract the water by opening the water and ventilation valves, and continue cruising with no further problems. Additionally, thanks to the special, transparent water-trap, one is allowed to “check” on the content’s status and can therefore remove water without spilling even a drop of fuel!

Supply voltage12 or 24 V DC
Active power consumption20-30 mA
Standby power consumption3-4 mA
Operating temperature range(-20) - (+75) °C
Height17 cm
Width8.8 cm
System weight370 g
Box weight875 g
Watertrap capacity400 ml
Maximum flow rate500 LPH
Maximum flow rate for Detection150 LPH
Fuel Port Size3/8 in
Wiring length4.3/14 m/ft
WWS S2-400 box contents
  1. S2-400 main unit (water-trap with built-in electronic circuit and sensors)
  2. 100 micron pro-filter
  3. Connecting cable 4.30 m (14 ft)
  4. Beeper
  5. Two (2) metal clamps
  6. Manual (incl. warranty coupon)