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13 July 2010
Greek journalist of “Thalassa” magazine and proud captain, Thomas Panagiotopoulos, recommends using a Water Warning System instead of conventional water-traps.
His latest organized “Odyssey”, a 2.000 nautical miles journey from Greece to Corsica and back, was successful due to a guaranteed, water-free fuel supply.
According to his post-journey article:
“(…) Personally, I prefer installing just one water-trap, specifically the smart water-trap going by the name Water Warning System, of Greek origin. It is the only one out there that warns by sound when water is detected on the inside and all we have to do is open the drain valve, without going into further trouble (…)
(…) its greatest advantage is that it warns before water enters the engine, guaranteeing a smooth cruise, thus eliminating the danger of stranding amidst the sea.”
(excerpt taken from “Thalassa” magazine , issue 101, article “Preparing your inflatable for a 2.000 nautical mile journey and more…”, p. 149, by Thomas Panagiotopoulos)